The largest collection of 3D images in Portugal

Over 100 most effective mockups from all over Europe.

This UNBELIEVABLE exposition, imposing with its scale and variety, has been divided into
12 thematic zones occupying over 2000m2.

TITANIC construido con más de 500.000 piezas Lego®

The zone of gigantic models

The Invasion of Giants is, for a reason, the central theme of the Exhibition. The exhibition impresses with its scale and scale. Among many mock-ups you can see:

  • TITANIC - created from half a million bricks in the 1:25 scale, the building is 11 meters long and almost 3 meters high. The Titanic mock-up has been built with the tiniest details, and the visitors, in addition to admiring the shape of the ship, will also have the opportunity to look inside it.
  • NEPTUN SHIP - the model made of bricks represents a replica of a galleon built for the film "Pirates" by Roman Polanski. The model have 170 cm long, 130 cm high and 50 cm wide.
  • EREBOR - LONELY MOUNTAIN - it is the main place where the Hobbit's action took place. It is the former seat of the dwarfs and the main objective of the book heroes' expedition by the "Lord of the Rings”. The building have 205 cm tall and more than 120 thousand bricks and a year of intensive work was invested in building it.

Zone 1

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Zone 2


Made entirely of LEGO® bricks in 1: 1 scale, figures of sports stars:

  • Robert Lewandowski - this is one of the most popular players in the world, and his great career, talent and personality is a role model for generations - older, younger and the little ones, who are just beginning their adventure with football. The figure was made of 70,000 LEGO® bricks in a 1: 1 scale. The craftsmanship of the builders was appreciated by the footballer himself, publishing a picture of his likeness from the bricks on his official profile on Facebook and signing a commemorative T-shirt for us, displayed in a display case.
  • Marcin Gortat - basketball player, he is the only Pole in the history of the NBA, who advanced at the end. 120.000 items were used to build an amazing figure, and the hero holds a basketball ball in his hands - also from bricks. The statue of Marcin Gortat was made in scale 1:1.
  • Martina Navrátilova from 50,000 LEGO® bricks was made the figure of a tennis player, one of the most outstanding representatives of this sport. The unusual Czech, who is ranked second in the ranking of tennis players of all time, was made with the tiniest details. The figure is 173 cm tall and presents the heroine in a typical tennis player's outfit and in characteristic golden glasses.
  • Bullfighter - figure of the Bullfighter made in 1: 1 scale with 70.000 LEGO® brick.

an unusual biology lesson

Fascinating models showing the structure of human internal systems and organs, allow the youngest to get information about the functioning of the body, and the elderly to check knowledge about anatomy and physiology. The exhibits made of LEGO® bricks make it easier and more enjoyable. You can see the construction of the basic human organs, such as the brain and the heart, as well as the respiratory, digestive and bone systems.

Zone 3

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Zone 4


  • Made in the scale of 1: 1 figures of Nicolaus Copernicus and Fryderyk Chopin
  • Robert Wadlow - the highest known man in the world built to scale 1: 1 with LEGO® bricks
  • The fall of the Berlin Wall -scene depicting the demolition of the famous wall built during the Cold War between West Berlin and East Berlin. The demolition of the wall was initiated on November 9, 1989 and became one of the most important symbols of the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Iron Curtain.
  • MAN’S FIRST STEP ON THE MOON - Mockup showing the scene of the first man landing on the moon,the end of the Apollo 11 mission. A memorable day on July 21, 1969. Neil Amstrong was the first to leave the lander. During their stay on the moon, along with Edwin Aldrin, they collected samples and attached an American flag to the surface of the moon, which remains to this day.


The unforgettable experience is also provided by railway models with moving trains built of LEGO® bricks. We will see here modern high speed European trains: Pendolino, ICE, TGV traveling between central stations of Warsaw, Berlin and Paris, as well as the industrial railway

Zone 5

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Zone 6


DISCOVERING THE WORLD OF SCIENCE AND HISTORIES THROUGH THE PRISM OF LEGO® bricks. LEGO® bricks play, teach and develop imagination. Many educational exhibits can be seen at the Exhibition:

  • HUMAN BODY - AN UNUSUAL BIOLOGY LESSON- a different biology lesson
  • AN UNUSUAL HISTORY LESSON - the famous people from the world of culture, art and science
  • The historical scenes
  • The constructions represent the historical and modern architecture
  • Musical instruments made with LEGO® bricks
  • Interactive map of Europe
  • Interactive objects, robots, movie scenes and fairy tales ... and much more


Large buildings depicting ancient and modern architecture include:

  • Taj Mahal
  • Sydney Opera House
  • London Tower
  • Roman Forum
  • Santiago Bernabéu Stadium
  • Camp Nou Stadium of FC Barcelona


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Zone 8


In Porto, the organizers presented a special Star Wars® zone. Star Wars fans will find there over 100 models associated with the world's most famous saga. Star Wars® District is a rich collection of original exhibits depicting the best known ships, scenes, characters, weapons, bases and battles from this iconic series. A large collection of Exhibits of the special Star Wars® zone has been joined by more models, among them the scene of the Battle of Coruscant, Trench Run or the reconstruction of TIE Fighter about one meter.


Not only for the youngest, a wonderful, colorful and joyful zone of fairy tales awaits. We will see:

  • Smurf village - Smurfs are fairytale, blue creatures created by a Belgian cartoonist. Smurfs differ in character and on this basis have specific attributes assigned.
  • Princess - fantastic, impressive castles, and in them 20 princesses from Disney cartoons.
  • Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings - A fantastic world of hobbits and the mythical land of the Lord of the Rings.
  • Castle & Kings
  • Harry Potter
  • The Simpsons
  • Jurassic Park

Zone 9

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Zone 10


A series of models that are put in motion by using the right software.                                      

Super Heroes figures made in 1:1 scale

Unforgettable impressions are provided by Super Heroes figures made in the 1: 1 scale. You can admire reconstructions of Thor and Captain America characters.

Zone 11

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Gallery of paintings made of LEGO® bricks.


open from 10 am to 7 pm

open from 10 am o 7 pm


Tickets can be exchanged at the cashier during the opening hours of the exhibition.
You can immediately enter the Exhibition with the ticket you have purchased.



For use at any chosen date - price 8.90 €/person. Invitations available at the box office.
People who have an invitation enter the exhibition without a queue.

FAQ- Most common questions

With a valid ticket for one Exhibition you will buy a ticket for the same day for the second Exhibition for 50% of the price.

The time of visiting the Exhibition is unlimited. Depending on your interest, you can stay at the Exhibition even until closing. The average visit time is about 2 hours.

Tickets are also sold at the ticket office on the spot during the opening hours of the Exhibition.

Tickets can be purchased directly at the exhibition offices during the opening hours.

Yes, you can pay by card at both ticket counters and in the store.

At the ticket office of the Exhibition, you can purchase Invitations that can be used any day any time during the Exhibition. Price of invitations in the price list section.

The exhibition is adapted for wheelchair users as well as for small children in wheelchairs. There is no need to leave wheelchairs before the Exhibition.

Kids till 95 cm of height

At the cash registers at a height of 95 cm there is a measure in the form of a LEGO brick. If the child fits under the brick, he enters for free.

"Ticket 2 + 2 and more" is valid for a minimum of 4 people, including a maximum of 2 adults.

The admission ticket for the exhibition is a one-off ticket. After leaving the Exhibition you can not re-enter the same ticket. The exception is the necessity to use the toilet. You should then ask the Exhibition employee to order a special stamp.

Yes, there are toilets on the Exhibition. Toilets are available in the facility where the  Exhibition is located.


Place of the Exhibition


4050-430 PORTO


Author buildings

If you have an interesting author building built of LEGO® bricks and would like to start cooperation with us, please send us photos to:


EXHIBITIONS OF MODEL BUILT WITH ® BRICKS is a company involved in designing, developing and organizing professional Exhibitions with LEGO® bricks. The first Exhibition was opened in 2013. In the last 5 years the Exhibition of model built with LEGO® bricks, has been visited by more than 3 million people in 7 countries in Europe. In the future this incredible Exhibition can be seen in seven cities in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Alicante, Malaga, Murcia, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Cordoba, Toledo, Valladolid.

The work on the first exhibition involved dozens of people. It took nearly a year of combining bricks, creating mock-ups, building cabinets, creating scenes from fairy tales, movies and implementing various other ideas. At the moment, we have nearly 100 people working on this unusual project. Bricks and buildings come from several European countries and many of them are rare unique pieces that are very hard to find on the market.

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